It’s been a while since we’ve last provided an update on Emily’s Interiors Design Studio in Shrewsbury, MA, it’s come a long way (like a really long way).

Our Kitchen/Bathroom Designers have been designing cabinetry and bathroom vanities, decorating the space, and presenting client designs using our presentation space.

Our newest location is home to beautifully designed Kitchen displays which have a wide variety of storage options that will keep your space completely organized. The bathroom vanity room has a beautiful selection of colorful vanities, each designed by our team of Designers. Each piece can be customized and fit to our client’s space, just ask!

Did you know Emily’s Interiors also sells flooring and other project materials? Our Kitchen/Bathroom Designers have everything you need to upgrade your space. Interested in doing the project on your own? Our Designers also team up with DIYers to get their projects completed. For example, if you want to order cabinets through Emily’s Interiors but want to install them yourself, we will measure your space, customize your dream cabinets, and ship them directly to your door. It is that easy!

Thinking about remodeling your Kitchen/Bathroom but aren’t sure what is possible for your space? Schedule an appointment with our Designers. Our team of experts will come measure your space and tell you what works as well as provide you with tons of ideas and options so that you will love your project for years to come. Once you decide designing the space is what you want to do, our Kitchen/Bathroom Designers will design your space using our state-of-the-art 3D design software so you can see exactly what your space will look like BEFORE it goes into build.

Next step, Emily’s Interiors can handle as much or as little of the install/remodeling process as you’d like. Want us to handle everything? We’ve got you covered!

The designers at Emily’s Interiors are so excited to meet you! To make your design ideas for your home or business come to life, get started by scheduling an in-person meeting at our Design Studio.

For more information regarding the new location, contact 774-214-9605 or visit us at 779 Hartford Turnpike in Shrewsbury, MA! Be sure to also follow us on our social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

Are you living in your first home but realize that your family might grow out of one day? You can make it even homier all while adding value to it. Selling your home is never easy, but it sure does become easier when your home has the latest updates and the best designs by Emily’s Interiors.

Update Your Cabinets

With updated cabinets, your home is sure to please any potential buyers. Refaced kitchen cabinets are a perfect solution for kitchen cabinet doors that are worn or outdated when the cabinet structures are still in working order. Refacing is a quick and affordable option to update the style of your kitchen, whether you are planning on selling your home or plan on using your current home long term. Here at Emily’s Interiors, we have a large variety of cabinet door colors and styles to choose from, and you can check them out at our showrooms before making any decisions.

Add Layers of Lighting

Layers of light throughout the house create the perfect mood for the rooms along with adding brighter spaces that will show off your favorite parts of your home. When eventually selling your home, light will attract the buyers since it makes the house feel more like a home rather than a dark den. The addition of lighting above your kitchen counters make it easier to cook and it makes your kitchen illuminate.

Lighten Up the Color Scheme

Making your kitchen have neutral colors and whites will keep your kitchen looking fresh and new for years. Though kitchen designs are always evolving, many home buyers are looking for kitchens that are light colored and inviting


 Make Your Dreams Come to Life

Did you even know that it was possible to have a fish tank built into your kitchen? With Emily’s Interiors, anything is possible!  While we helped the client bring their dreams to life, we also helped them add value to their home. Read more about this project here:

Thinking of Having More Storage in Your Kitchen?

If you start talking about storage, you have to check out this latest project! We can’t wait to show you what we manage to squeeze into this kitchen! Check out one of our latest kitchen designs and read more about how we helped out client optimize their space here:

Here at Emily’s Interiors, we are here to help! Whether you are looking to sell your home or make the best of where you live now, we can redesign any room and instantly add value to your home. Want to learn more about what we can do for you? Contact us today!

Do you feel like your kitchen is in need of a makeover? We’ve got you covered!

Recently, Emily’s Interiors completed a full kitchen design/remodel in Framingham, MA. This remodel turned an old and outdated kitchen into one with unlimited storage options and one that’s perfect for hosting. This remodel even included an office space for our client!

This remodel comes with a light and airy feel that makes this kitchen the perfect place to hangout and spend time with family and friends.

The new kitchen has a gorgeous multipurpose island that is used for eating, cooking & storage. The island has a built in oven and multiple large drawers perfect for storing kitchen appliances and smaller drawers at the top perfect for storing utensils.

The kitchen has high quality cabinetry that is durable and will last forever. The hanging lights above the island perfectly illuminate the space all while being subtle and never getting in the way. Other lighting in the kitchen shows off the kitchen’s beautiful backsplash and gives you extra light for when you’re using the counters to cook.

Along with that, the built in office space leaves our client with the perfect place to focus on work all while never being too far from cooking the perfect meal. Above the office space is a wine rack, which is perfect for those long work from home days and conveniently located for when our client is hosting parties since it’s right near the kitchen island. Who wouldn’t want to work from home in their kitchen?

All in all, this full kitchen design freshened up our client’s space and brought it back to life. We are so happy to have been able to build their dream kitchen, and we’d love to build yours too! Thinking of re-designing your kitchen? Contact us today!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home and wish there was something you could do about it?  We’ve got you covered. Here at Emily’s Interiors, our storage options are endless.

Kitchen Storage

We offer a multitude of styles to go with all of our storage options. Our farmhouse style display comes with hidden cabinets that can be used to store a trash bin, snacks, pans and cutting boards and more! Love the look of an island? Islands are the perfect way to optimize storage since they have discrete built in cabinets all while being great for hosting. Who doesn’t need extra kitchen storage? Once you have more storage space, cooking and cleaning becomes much easier.

Office Kitchen

If you feel you don’t have a perfect place to put your home office, why not make it an extension of the kitchen? The design by Emily’s Interiors gave our client extra kitchen cabinets for their kitchen while adding a few drawers and more for the office space. There’s even a wine rack above the desk for those extra long work from home days!

Custom Cabinet Built-Ins

This is our specialty! We can build cabinets into the wall so it doesn’t feel like it’s taking up too much space and making your rooms smaller. We make sure that these built-ins fit your space perfectly and maximize your storage space. These are perfect for kitchens, family rooms and more.

Custom Vanities

 Your dream bathroom is calling. Ready to pick up? These custom vanities offered at Emily’s Interiors provide the perfect space to do makeup and hair while allowing a place to store everything you used when you’re done. Other vanities we offer include a sink and plenty of drawers to store everything you need to keep in your bathroom.

All in all, storage is the backbone of a clean and comfortable home. If you feel that there’s no way you have space for more storage, give us a call and see what we can do! Here at Emily’s Interiors, anything is possible! To make an appointment with our designers, go to

Here are some ways to renovate your current space or to inspire your future home. If you’re looking to customize your spare room or planning ahead for a more personalized home, you’ve come to the right place. 

Before you start making changes to that extra room, consider these unique features that can set your house apart and keep your family together.

1. Office

Staging a home office is great for storing work supplies in a singular space. Instead of filling kitchen counters with unnecessary items, designate a room for your unique needs. Whether that includes customized storage for files or a materials station, building around how you work and what you work with is essential to optimizing a home office.

2. Home Library

No matter how many books you have, displaying your collection creates an incredible feature within the home. Decorated with furniture or a cozy window seat, a home library can be a calming escape from everyday responsibilities. Your book storage could even be a small portion of an overall zen spot to veg out. 

3. Entertainment Room

An entertainment room is a no brainer for a space with large square footage. Tailoring the space to however you live, work, and play can create the ultimate destination for a fun night in. Whether adorned with a pool table, a dartboard, or the addition of a wet bar, entertainment spaces truly bring life into the home.

4. Gym/Workout Studio

Want a little more privacy when working out that a gym can’t quite provide? Converting a spare room or basement to a workout studio allows you to personalize the equipment and surroundings the way you’ve always envisioned your exercise experience to be. From the natural light of the outdoors to the convenience of accessibility, you’ll be sure to have a space you want to work out in. 

5. Home theater

Enjoy the excitement of the movies from your very own home. In the decade of technology and Disney+, a home theater lets you stream and play your favorite movies with front row comfortable seating and practically free popcorn. Home theaters are best experienced in a large sound and light controlled space, yielding the best quality video projection that the family will love.

To get started on your spare room design today, give us a call. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest and stay tuned for more updates on home design ideas.

Today we’re defining popular design styles and what characterizes each one.  You may already know your favorite design style from posts on social media like Instagram or Pinterest, but do you know what separates one from the other? Industrial from Rustic? Transitional from traditional? Not only will you know cabinetry indicators, but after this read, you’ll be a designer in the making. Or at the very least a budding expert on the trends in the field. 


Most commonly a modern aesthetic can be identified by its clean lines and pristine surfaces. This particular design style embodies the word sleek. Cabinets are typically slab and glossy, flush with the frame face, and colors tend to be crisp. A modern space can influence futuristic vibes but overall remains organized and simple for hassle-free living.  


Traditionally (see what we did there), this style tends to be more teeming with character and ornate finishes. Opposite to modern design, traditional features showcase more depth and detail. It’s the most classic aesthetic, with various uses of dark, rich wood or furniture items such as bureaus. For those that appreciate the presence of character in their home, traditional design is the way to go. 


For those that like staying current in their design tastes, contemporary is reflective of the here and now. Similar to the modern style, contemporary design is simple in its nature but exudes a more comfortable atmosphere. These interiors are not only sophisticated but popular for their use of line and space such as strong architectural features and other subtle decor. In contemporary design, less can be more.    


Commonly known as farmhouse, this style arguably has the most warmth and coziness associated with it. Likely due to the various, ample use of wood in the floors, structural elements, shelves, etc. Farmhouse is all about incorporating textures of nature while also balancing vintage furnishings for additional charm.  


Last, and with the least components, minimalism takes the cake. This style is all about achieving the most with as few elements as possible. If you want to adopt a simple lifestyle, with zero clutter and maximum space, a minimalist design will certainly do the trick, encouraging one to embrace white (empty) space and the freedom from unnecessary items.

As many styles as we just listed, there are still more. And when it comes to deciding on what design trend to incorporate in your home, start with the pieces that reflect your personality. From there, design will fall into place. For inspiration and projects of various design styles we’ve completed, connect with us on social media or contact us about our design service packages today!  

For all the DIY enthusiasts out there, we have your back. Whether installing cabinetry for a new kitchen or searching for styling advice to kickstart your latest project, consider Emily’s Interiors a resource for all your design endeavors. With packages and materials to supplement all stages of the project, there’s an offer for everyone. 

DIY Beginners

If you’re just staring out in the world of DIY or simply testing the waters to gauge if its right for you, our E-design package is the perfect fit. This package offers a detailed room design that allows you to put the physical pieces in place. Great for taking control of your time and your budget, our E-design package gets your design gears rolling and ready for the road ahead.

Intermediate and Expert DIY Designers

At one point or another, we all hit an artists or designers block. Here’s where our Inspiration package comes in handy. We have full faith at this level you’ve fashioned a list of places to find designer steals. We just help with the big picture, including mood board creation and key color concepts. With your experience and our inspiration, consider your design block averted.

Kitchen and Bath Projects

Our favorite part of helping DIY designers is bringing their vision to life. Maybe you’ve completed living room or bedroom projects in the past, possibly even built decor yourself. As for kitchen and bath renovations, the task can sometimes be intimidating. Good news is we have an array of cabinetry and bath silhouettes waiting to be customized for your very own design. We even deliver your selections across the U.S. wherever your project may be.

Flooring and More

Want to see what your design will look like after demolition? What about that custom piece you’re building? Not only do we provide all the services and materials listed above, but we also offer 3D renderings, flooring, and hardware to complete the design of your dreams. 

Maybe you’ve never come across a designers block, eliminating the need for a DIY package, but introducing a fresh, new perspective can spark a whole new design movement within you. When that movement arises, we’ll be here as a partner and supporter for all your DIY design needs.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to see our designers complete tons of DIY projects!   

Time for some shopping with Emily’s Interiors! There are so many places to shop and options to choose from when looking for furniture for your home. We’ve decided to start with sharing our favorite end tables.  Our top 10 end tables are broken out in either “Under $200” and “Over $200” categories.  At the end of this article, we have helpful advice as to what size your tables should be based on your couch or chair.  We hope you enjoy!

Under $200

A simple 3 leg walnut end table is the perfect complement to a Mid Century Modern Living Room. It also comes in a version with a Carrera marble top with walnut or white oak legs.


Price: $199

Industrial Farmhouse more your style? This wood and metal table from Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Collection available on will surely fit the bill. With over 3k reviews and 4 ½ stars, I’d say this is a popular option!


Price: $178.99 (on sale)

Another highly reviewed Industrial Farmhouse table available on Wayfair is from Greyleigh Shop. Having almost 5k reviews and average 4.6 stars, I think you can purchase this one with little worry.  There are several options for wood finishes including, but not limited to, Barnwood, Driftwood and Dark Walnut. The best part, the price is for TWO, yes TWO end tables. That’s a pretty dang good deal if you ask me!


Price Point: $132.75 for set (on sale)

It’s not often you can find an end table for less than $100 but look no further than the Hollier End Table available on Birch Lane made of metal and weather fir. At only $97 and 4.4 stars (732 reviews) you won’t be disappointed in this score. Perfect for a screened in porch!

Source: Birch Lane

Price Point: $97

You thought we’d only have one table less than $100, well, guess again! This cute gold and glass table is from Target and only $75.99 and that isn’t even the sale price!


Price: $75.99

Over $200

While the next 5 are over $200, we didn’t go crazy because who has a thousand dollars to spend on end tables?

The Tana Stool from Article is made from Teak and can work as either a table or stool…even outside! This would work perfectly in a boho and California cool vibe. If used outside, the “Tana’s teak will develop a beautiful silver patina over time, and small cracks will appear in line with the wood’s natural grain. These cracks are perfectly normal and bring a delicate wabi-sabi to the Tana’s strong design.” Ok so I am not going to lie, I had to look up “wabi-sabi” and here is what the internet said “In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” I love that.


Price Point: $279

I am totally digging the Ephratah 2 Piece Nesting Tables from Brayden studio available on  These nesting tables are made from reclaimed Elmwood in a lovely pattern with metal legs. Nesting tables are a great option if you are tight on space. Keep them together on a day to day basis and pull out the bottom table when guests come over for additional surface for drinks and apps.

Source: Wayfair

Price Point: On sale for $266.99 for TWO

The next table comes from a local small shop close to Emily’s Interiors but they have a website so anyone can order this adorable side table! Those turned legs and that beautiful distressed finish would work great in a Farmhouse or Cottage home.


Price Point: $239

Want to bring in a sense of nature? How about the Natural Tree Stump Side Table from West Elm? Made from naturally fallen cypress trees, each solid-wood table is one of a kind.

Source: West Elm

Price Point: $239 (on sale)

A sleek option from West Elm is the Streamline Side Table made of solid mango wood in a Dark Walnut finish. Best part? The mango wood used is sustainably sourced from trees that no longer produce fruit! That’s a win win! Also comes with dark legs.

A picture containing table, furniture

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Source: West Elm

Price Point: $223 (on sale)

We hope this list of end tables has been helpful! There a plenty of great options for under a $200 price point and even more in the $200-$300 range.

Before buying your end table, ensure it is the right dimensions for your couch or chair.  Wayfair actually offers a helpful guide and I’ve included their guidance below:


End tables should be within two inches of a sofa’s arm height. For example, if the sofa’s arm is 22″ tall, a proper end table can be anywhere from 20″ – 24″ tall. Can’t find the right end table height for your room? Go shorter rather than taller for a more comfortable experience.


The average width of an end table is between 16″ – 22″. When deciding on a side table, be sure yours has a surface wide enough to hold any desired items, like books, plants, or lamps. Additionally, leave a few inches between the end table and sofa.


The ideal depth of an end table is equal to the depth of the sofa or chair it’s placed next to. It should not exceed the sofa’s depth.


The bottom of a lampshade shouldn’t fall higher than eye level when you’re seated on the sofa or chair that’s placed next to the lamp

Need help shopping for furniture and décor? One of Emily’s Interiors’ Designers can shop with you anywhere you’d like (if you are local) or put together a shopping list for folks outside of the area. Check out our services at

Just because you have a small living room, doesn’t mean you need to skimp on style. Homeowners often don’t know where to start when choosing furniture and end up buying pieces individually, which often don’t work well together.  This post includes 8 tips to help you put together your dream living room!

Step 1: Consider how you plan to use this room

Is it for the family to gather around the TV? Is it for Mom to relax with a coffee and read a book? Will the kids be playing games with friends? Knowing how you plan to use the space will dictate how much seating you need and the ideal layout. 

Step 2: Start with one big item

Start with either your sofa or a rug, and have all other items coordinate. It may seem weird to start with a rug, but your rug can completely dictate the overall vibe of the room.  If you don’t have a rug you love, a sofa is a great place to start.  If you choose a neutral sofa (my fav being the Hamilton in Burnt Sienna from West Elm shown below), then that’s pretty much a blank slate for the rest of the items you choose. The beauty of a neutral couch is you can change up the pillows to keep things fresh.

Design by Natasha Young, @VintageThreshold

Step 3: Create a mood board

In order to see how each piece will contribute to your overall desired aesthetic, a “mood board” can help. Simply put, a mood board is a collection of images used to test how the various items work together. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just put images in Word, Powerpoint or simply print them out. Once you have a mix that works, this serves as a buying guide. You can buy it all at once or purchase over time once you save up money. Your mood board will help keep you on track when you hit stores like HomeGoods and Target.

Design by Natasha Young, @VintageThreshold

In the design board above, my star is a gorgeous, rich, jewel-toned, velvet sofa from Article (the Sven). I have been obsessing over this sofa for years and I want (no…NEED) it in several different colors.  Since the sofa is such a showstopper with its color and texture, and since it comes with 2 bolster pillows, I didn’t feel the need to add any toss pillows. I kept the furniture minimal with only a pouf that can be used as an ottoman, plop a tray on top for a coffee table or pulled to side for seating.

Step 4: Scale

Since we are talking about small living rooms, scale is very important. Pay attention to dimensions before you purchase to ensure they will fit in the room and still allow for flow of foot traffic. Sometimes I even put blue painter’s tape on the floor to get a sense of how much room it will take up. Most likely you should choose a loveseat over a full-sized sofa but also consider alternative seating such as ottomans, stools, floor pillows or benches, which often can include storage to hide extra blankets, magazines or games and keep your small space tidy.

Step 5: Amp up the Cozy

If cozy is what you are looking for, and who isn’t, then you must work in texture with pillows, blankets, ottomans, stools and/or rugs. Try to find a mix of textures such as cable knit, woven wool and faux fur.

Design by Natasha Young, @VintageThreshold

The above and below designs feature the Sven from Article in Birch Ivory, described on their site as “like a sweater that a fancy lady wears on a coastal vacation.” Don’t you just love that? In the above design, I added a touch of color via the mustard yellow pillow but in the below design, blue is my accent color.

Design by Natasha Young, @VintageThreshold

Step 6: Light Up My Life

Lighting is so important and not all of us have natural light. Ceiling lights, wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps all serve a purpose. Consider how each corner of the room will be lit. Lighting is like the jewelry for an outfit. A white T and jeans are nothing special but add a layered gold necklace and fun earrings and now we are talking! There are so many lighting options to really dial your room up a notch.

Step 7: Green Thumb?

Any room can be improved by adding greenery IMHO. Consider adding a plant or 2 (or 5 in my case!) to add a lovely pop of green and infuse life into a room. Scientists have proven that having living plants in your home improves your mood and your physical body.  According to WebMD, “Students in classrooms with three potted plants performed better on math, spelling, reading, and science tests than kids in classrooms without any greens.”  That is a powerful statement, so head out to your local nursery!

Step 8: Sense of Smell

Last but certainly not least, you need yummy smelling candles in comforting flavors like Vanilla, Sugar Cookie or Pumpkin Spice. In the summer, think lavender, lilac and clean laundry smells! Our sense of smell can completely transport us to another time and place so don’t forget to light those candles, put on some chill tunes, grab a coffee or wine and enjoy your home like you should!


I hope this step by step guide helps you choose the right furniture and décor for your living room. Having a plan before you purchase can make all the difference. Remember, make sure your furniture is the right scale, add cozy elements through texture and add some greenery to give the room life. There’s no reason you can’t have a living room that the whole neighborhood wants to hang out in!

[Need help creating a mood board? Emily’s Interiors can help! Our designers can put together mood boards and shopping lists so you can buy the pieces on your own time. And be sure to follow Emily’s Interiors and Vintage Threshold on Instagram for more Living Room Mood Boards]   

In honor of Emily’s Interiors Designers announcing their winners for the “Ugly Kitchen Contest,” (winners received a FREE 3D Design of their dream kitchens), we thought we would discuss timeless kitchen trends! These kitchen trends will be sure to withstand the ever-changing styles each year. No matter your design aesthetic, customizing these ticket items can guarantee a kitchen you’ll love time and again.

Classic White Kitchen

There’s a reason white kitchens are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean each one is the same. Depending how you dress it up, your white kitchen can look different than your neighbors. The main takeaway is that this style isn’t going anywhere!

Timeless Subway Tile

After many decades, subway tile is still here to stay. Subway tile works with any color, any kitchen, and any budget. You can even style it in any pattern. The way it is placed introduces personality that other more decorative tiles may automatically elicit, but subway tile is subtle and a survivor to temporary contenders.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Sometimes simplicity is key, especially when it comes to cabinetry. Shaker style cabinets are the staple for farmhouse kitchens, but when paired with your choice of hardware, they can seamlessly blend with any aesthetic. 

Whether or not shaker is the style for you, being sure to customize your cabinetry guarantees a cleaner counter top and an easier lifestyle. Encasing appliances as built-ins or creating pantry storage will be a kitchen trend that never ceases to fade. 

A Well-Lit Island

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens simply preparing food or entertaining guests. Since the function of the kitchen will always remain the same, the need for space will also stay in high demand. When it comes to incorporating a kitchen island, dividing ample room for additional workspace and barstool seating makes for a stunning multi-purpose item that’s only missing its spotlight. 

Pendant lighting paired with an island is a popular way to dress up your kitchen across the decades. As for what style to initially choose, that’s up to you. Better yet, lighting can be easily installed and replaced, so when you find a style you want to swap in, there’s nothing standing in the way of your perfect pendant.

Ways To Accessorize 

Building your kitchen to reflect who you are and what you like can feel like an impossible task, especially when trying to achieve a timeless design. A kitchen design, and design as a whole, is more than choosing a style of cabinets and items to fill a space. The best way to personalize your kitchen and still have it never go out of style is to accessorize with color and/or metals. 

To save on budget, an option for accessorizing is to match appliances seamlessly when foregoing built-ins. Stainless steel can compliment any aesthetic and hardware your heart desires. As for adding color, look to your towels, plates, and plants for a subtle but harmonious effect.

Need help designing your kitchen? Contact our designers today! For more current or future design advice and inspiration, follow us on our Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.