It is crazy to think that we have been at our Design Studio at 779 Harford Turnpike for almost two years! In that time, a TON has changed, one thing that has remained constant? Our General Manager, Mike! Mike has been with Emily’s since its inception and has worked with Emily’s Interiors, CEO for many years before that as well! When it comes to re-designing/remodeling any space in your home, Mike is your guy. Here is a little bit about Mike and his background.

Education/Degree: Bachelors of Science in Architectural Building and Engineering Technology from New England Institute of Technology.

Why Pursue a Career in Designing? I took an ‘Intro to Drafting and Design’ class as an elective in my freshman year of high school and Immediately took a liking to it. I took advantage of every elective available to me in that field throughout the rest of my time in high school.

How Long Have You Been Designing: I started working for a Custom home builder during my sophomore year in college which was 2004. I’ve been in the building and design industry in different capacities ever since.

Proud Design Achievement: Every time a project I design comes to life and gets built, it’s a great moment. If I had to pinpoint one moment, it would have to be a large kitchen and master suite addition in Wellesley. The project had many challenges with having to go through the local zoning board, engineering issues with tying into the main house, ledge present on site, etc. But seeing that addition come to life was for sure one of the prouder moments of my career.

Favorite Part of Designing & Why: Without a doubt seeing the look on a customers face when I show them their space in 3D for the first time. Second would be the feeling when someone tells me that something is ‘impossible’ then we figure out a way to make it happen!

What makes you (Emily’s) unique from other designers in your industry and what can a customer experience by working directly with you (us)? Our process and approach. We look at the house, family, and project as a whole. Not just a kitchen or bathroom in a vacuum. We get to know the family and design to their lifestyle and needs.

3 Fun Facts About You:

1: My biggest accomplishment is and will always be my family. I have an amazing wife and two beautiful boys. They are my ‘why’.

2: I’m a die hard Boston Sports fan.

3: I enjoy music and singing. I’ll never shy away from the mic at Karaoke night!

There you have it folks! Are you hoping to work with Mike on your next remodel? Visit him at our Design Studio at 779 Hartford Turnpike in Shrewsbury, MA. There, he will be able to help you with any questions you have about designing your dream space! Want to see some of Mike’s completed Designs? Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram!

We know we say this about all of our designs, but this Sudbury, MA Kitchen/Bathroom/Exterior Design was one for the books. Our design team really nailed it and then the build team came in to execute and finish the job. Our design team was there every step of the way to make sure that everything was exactly how the design portrayed it. Now, our client’s get to enjoy their design/build for many years to come. Let’s dive in to this newly remodeled home.

A Cook’s Dream

This Kitchen is a work of art. Our clients were hoping to have a space that was beautiful, functional and ideal for cooking meals and spending time making memories with one another. The kitchen cabinets are Medallion Cabinetry gold line, the surrounding cabinets are finished in Irish Creme Classic and the Kitchen Island is called Seagrass. The granite countertop is called Antique White, which was selected from Stone, Inc.

Some standouts in this gorgeous kitchen are the double oven, perfect sized desk for working at home, and a HUGE cabinet build-in pantry.

Bright White Bathroom

This master bathroom is perfect for our clients. The bathroom vanity cabinets are Medallion Cabinetry Gold, finished in Maple Sea Salt Classic and that tall cabinet you see, has a secret pull-out hamper, perfect for hiding that dirty laundry. The granite countertop and backsplash are called “black pearl,” the tile in the shower and on the floor is called “palace stone,” all selected from Stone, Inc.

Patio Party

It doesn’t get much better than this patio, especially this time of the year in New England. Our favorite part? The underside of the roof which are Versatex Canvas T&G panels in the color “Walnut.” It is the perfect place to have a cup of coffee, hang out with family or for entertaining.

We are so thrilled that our clients are loving their new space and we hope that they make memories here for many years!

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If there’s one collection that never seems to stop growing, it’s a book collection. From childhood paperbacks to decorative coffee table books, finding functional and stylish ways to organize your collection can almost seem impossible. And while it’s tempting to store books on any available surface, your collection can easily turn into a disorganized mess of precariously leaning stacks. To help you achieve the home library of your dreams and elevate your interior design, we reached out to experts from Beaverton, OR to New York, NY for their best book organization ideas to give your collection the attention it deserves. 

1) Organize your books based on the function of a room

Books not only are beautiful (and provide your guests with a real peek inside of your true interests and passions) but they are filled with useful information when organized thoughtfully throughout your home, room by room. 

Cookbooks lining the dining room or kitchen, cocktail books stacked artfully next to the bottles on the bar cart, and reference titles lined up neatly next to the WFH desk are the best places to start. Then, get creative: a windowsill of bird books looking at the feeder, memoirs of famous musicians butted up against the record player, a thoughtful shelf of your all-time favorites in the guest room. And don’t forget the all-important TBR stack on your nightstand. – Jackie De Leo, VP, Book Store, Barnes & Noble

2) Remove book jackets to focus the attention on the authenticity of the book and elevate your space

A simple way to add a natural and organic look to your book collection is to remove the jackets of your hardbacks. This trick helps shed the distracting marketing graphics of the jackets and brings focus to the authenticity of the book, the title, and the author. You are left with a display that is chic and elevated. – Via D’sa Interior Design

3) Consider making the top shelf of your bookcase your personal shrine of your favorite or current reads

When you think about Marie Kondo and books, you might gasp in horror at the misconception that you should “ideally keep less than 30 books” – but that’s not the case here. In “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up,” one directive is, “make the top shelf of the bookcase your personal shrine,” which is exactly what I’ve been doing ever since I read Kondo’s book. The top shelf is where I have some of my favorites, and one of the great things about this shelf is that it constantly changes – whenever I move, buy new books, or even just tidy and reorganize. Most importantly, it’s a shelf I can look at and interact with, knowing that it brings me joy. – Beaverton City Library

4) Use books to breathe new life into your living room 

It’s well known that books make for great decor. Stack a couple of books on your coffee table with a cute decor piece on top or on a shelf with a picture frame. This is a great way to add varying heights to coffee tables and shelves. – House Becomes Home Interiors

If you’re a coffee table book junkie and are running out of tables to stack them on, don’t worry. You can place a large stack of books beside a low armchair to serve as a drink table. Add a cute coaster and you’re all set. – The Mansion Interiors

5) Create a balanced design on your bookshelves by incorporating different heights and decor pieces

Many people have shelves of books and others have a smaller collection. Don’t feel the need to shelve all of your books from highest to lowest. Turn some of the books flat and add a small decor item on top of the small stack. Create different vignettes of these across and up your shelves. Be sure to intersperse larger decor pieces in between for a balanced yet varied look. – Organized by L

I love to see an interesting book spine on display that compliments the one above or below and the colors in the room. Start with the largest book as a base and stack about four or five high. If there is a less popular book, I would keep that towards the bottom of the pile. It’s also a lovely way to create a plinth for decorations and candles. – TO Interior Design

6) Kitchen built-ins are a great way to display your cookbooks while keeping aesthetics and functionality in mind

Cookbooks on kitchen shelving always work well and it is nice to break up the books with bowls, plants, or greenery to add organic shapes. – Centaur Interiors

Some of our favorite types of books are cookbooks. Our kitchen designers love incorporating custom built-ins that are not only beautiful but functional. With a designated spot for cookbooks, there is more room for meal prep and entertaining. – Emily’s Interiors

7) Use books with a neutral color scheme to double as decor 

I use books as pedestals to showcase beautiful objects and create varied heights in displays or on shelves. Larger books can also be stacked to create an interesting side table or plant stand. I look for neutral colors and sturdy binding, with titles that help to tell a story of someone’s life and their dreams for the future. If a book doesn’t fit into a particular style or desired look, it is simple enough to turn it around or layer it towards the bottom. – Kahler Slater

8) If functionality is your main goal, organize your books by genre

When organizing books in your home, group them together. Keep your mysteries together, your action and adventures, your cookbooks, and so on. Plus only keep the books you love and know you’ll read again. Organizing by subject and genre makes it easy to find the right book for your current mood, so you’ll know exactly where to look when you need to follow a hero’s journey or want a good laugh after a rough day. – The Lifestylers Group

9) Instead of tossing out books you no longer want, find a creative way to repurpose them

One way to repurpose a hardcover book is by gluing the pages, then cutting out the center. The book then becomes a place to hide your jewelry or other valuable belongings and remains in your bookcase. – Interiors by Monique

If you have books to spare that you are ready to discard, use them to enhance your decor instead. Turning the books around so that only the guts or pages show gives any shelf a stunning monochromatic look that will add texture and sophistication to any decor. – Iron Orchid Designs

10) Open up your books to add a unique and fresh element to your interior design

One of our favorite ways to use books when we’re styling is to open them up. We always use beautiful coffee books for layering and stacking, but opening them is like having a horizontal piece of art. Find a book with a topic or hobby you love and put it on your coffee table, entry table, or office desk. The best part is that you can change the page for a fresh new look whenever you feel like it. – Black Ink Interiors

11) Use books as a grounding element to style your shelves, etagere, or even a credenza

Pick two to three books of similar size and color palette to create a platform to elevate a bud vase or other small accessories. The variation in the heights of your objects will make your shelf look effortlessly styled. – Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors

12) Have a theme in mind when deciding where and how to display your books

The first thing to consider when displaying books is your relationship with the books and the setting in which they will be placed. If you’re an avid reader and have a plethora of books to display in a library, they can be a mix of colors, but try to keep something consistent like their height or their condition. Relocate the books that are too tall or short – or too new or old – in relation to the others. Conversely,  if you’re using books specifically for aesthetics, choose neutral color tones to create a blended, subtle look, which works well on bookshelves. You can also display a couple of books that have a pop of contrasting color on a cocktail table for some drama. – YAMINI DESIGNS, LLC

13) Your display should showcase your personality and be conversation-worthy

I love stacking different books of interest on shelves and surfaces like coffee and console tables. Select books that reflect your interests and personality, and tell a story about who you are. Whether the books are about plants, fashion, sneakers, or travel, make sure the books are pleasing to the eye, stacked by size and color, and conversation-worthy. – Blessed Little Bungalow

14) Bookends are a great way to add a more styled look to bookshelves

If you need the whole width of a shelf for your books, adding in bookends is a great way to make it look more styled. I like to keep the top shelves a bit smaller and keep all of my shorter paperbacks on these upper shelves. This uniformity and above-eye level placement keep you from focusing on this area too much.  – Sarah Montgomery Design

15) Use books to elevate and bring attention to your favorite “relics” 

Books provide a visual anchor for smaller objects you are looking to showcase within your décor. Aim for a mix of fonts, colors, and textures that are roughly the same dimensions to create a visually appealing stack that compliments your most prized possessions.  – Relic Design LLC

Originally published by Redfin

What Do Interior Designers Do?


First and foremost, a Designers job is helping clients obtain the ideal environment for their circumstances. Interior designers draft project timelines and estimate costs, place orders for materials, and oversee the installation of design elements. In order to do that they need to meet with clients and listen to their vision and needs for their space. Do you want a farmhouse kitchen? They will make it happen. Are you not sure what you want? They can present ideas and options for your space. To be successful, our designers must be capable and confident when meeting with clients to assess the needs for a project, such as planning the desired design, costs, architectural issues, furnishings, layouts, or color coordination.


Once our Designers have collaborated with their clients on their dream design, our Designers get to work designing the space in 3D. This is a critical step in our Design process as it helps our clients see exactly what their space will look like before it goes into build. This way if changes need to be made, it will save our clients’ money, time, and headaches!


Now that the Design is approved and ready, it is time to make selections. The selection process can be overwhelming. However, our Designers make the selection process easy by presenting options based on the client’s style, taste, and needs. From light fixtures to cabinet hardware, our Designers know what’s trending and what will work within your budget.


Designers must be familiar with building codes, local regulations, and universal accessibility standards. They work with builders to define permanent aspects of a space, such as the room size and wall or window placement. During build, our Designers are communicating with contractors, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and according to plan. At project completion, they follow up with clients to ensure their satisfaction.

There you have it! A day in the life of our Kitchen/Bathroom Designers. Want to learn more or thinking about designing and building your dream space? Just looking to buy cabinets or a bathroom vanity? Come stop by our Design Studio at 779 Hartford Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA 01545. Want to see some of our completed projects? Follow us on our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz!

Are you getting ready to start the kitchen remodel process this spring/summer? Are you finding yourself frustrated sorting through all the cabinetry options out there? When it comes to shopping for kitchen cabinets, the process can feel overwhelming. That is why our Kitchen Designers picked out their favorite brands to share with you! Each of these lines can be customized to fit your style and needs. From door style, to finish to organizational drawers, each cabinet will be perfectly measured, delivered, and installed in your home by the Emily’s Interiors Design & Build team. Check out these three unique lines of cabinetry that would be the perfect addition to your home.

Medallion Cabinetry

Medallion Cabinetry reiterates that your home should reflect you. Medallion’s exquisite line of cabinetry lets no details go unnoticed, from floor to ceiling cabinetry, to custom finishes that add your personal flair. Like the other cabinet lines mentioned below, Medallion builds products that last, selecting and constructing cabinets and accessories with the right materials, and produce products in facilities that are designed to generate as little waste as possible. No matter what your style is, Medallion is sure to have the perfect cabinet for you.

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry      

Our newest line of cabinetry at the Design Studio is Plain & Fancy cabinetry. Each cabinet is built by hand, one by one. Whether its traditional, contemporary or a blend of the two Plain & Fancy concentrates on the finer details that go into creating a signature look for your home. Colors, textures, and various materials result in an infinite collection of finishes. Imagine your cabinetry with the latest interior conveniences. LED lighting brightens any task, while rollout shelves, pantry solutions and multiple corner options bring everything into reach.


Another great cabinet line is Design-Craft. Designed with stainability in mind–Design-Craft’s lifetime durability and space-saving frameless construction require less material, preserving more natural resources. Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, farmhouse or modern, Design-Craft has you covered with the best cabinet options for your home.

Now that you know all our Kitchen Designers favorite cabinetry lines, it’s time to shop! First step? Head over to our Design Studio to discuss the kitchen of your dreams. Once you share your thoughts and ideas, our Kitchen Designers will draw up your anticipated Kitchen Design in 3D so that you are able to approve of the design. Once the design is approved, our build team gets started on building the kitchen of your dreams. It’s that easy.

Ready to get started? Visit us at 779 Hartford Turnpike in Shrewsbury, MA! Not ready to commit quite yet? Follow our social media pages to see some of our projects. You can follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Houzz.

Get tips on how to find the right cabinetry for your remodel.

Cabinets are the backbone of the kitchen. When it comes to configuring the cabinetry, you must take size, floor plan, style and more into consideration. Designing and selecting cabinetry may seem overwhelming, which is why Emily’s Interiors Kitchen Designers are here to help guide you through this process!


When it comes to choosing cabinets, working with a professional to ensure the cabinets you desire fit your space is most important. At our Design Studio, our Kitchen Designers measure your space, listen to your design ideas and visions, then design your space in 3D so that your are able to see exactly what the cabinets will look like prior to them being installed. This way the cabinets fit the space precisely and you are not surprised at what they look like in your area once they are installed!


We believe in the trend-resistant kitchen cabinet—something that will remain timeless and ensure you will not want to start fresh every few years. These are the most popular six cabinet styles: glass-front, Shaker-style, beadboard, flat-front, plywood, and natural (that is, unfinished) wood. (Stay tuned as we dive into each cabinet style in our next blog.)


Our Designers don’t just want you to have beautiful cabinetry they also want to make sure that your cabinets are fully functional for you and your family. That is why we offer tons of storage options, soft-close on drawers, and even extra add ons such as charging drawers for your electronics.


Don’t forget about hardware! Hardware adds the finishing touch to your cabinetry and brings the entire design together. Whether its brass, chrome, nickel, aged bronze, you name it, we have it at our Design Studio so that you are able to see your selection in person.

Ready to get started? Call or stop by our Design Studio. Our Kitchen Designers are there every step of the way on your journey to new cabinetry! Want to see some of our completed cabinet projects for our clients? Follow us on Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram and Facebook.

In honor of our newest cabinet line, Plain & Fancy Cabinetry being completely customizable to fit your space, finish and organizational needs. We thought we would share our favorite ways that our clients have customized their cabinetry to improve the functionality and organization in their kitchen!

Charging Drawers

One of those things you will ask yourself how you lived without. This video has over 330,000 views on our Pinterest page and we think it’s well worth the hype! Having one of these convenient charging drawers with the USB charging port inside the drawers eliminate having all those pesky cords on the counter. Having a charging drawer also helps from losing your charger, which we are all guilty of from time to time.

Pots & Pans

An exceedingly popular drawer among our clients, the pots & pans drawer. This drawer comes with movable pegs, so your pans do not slip and slide all over the place. Also the perfect place for plates!

Island Storage

Who does not love a kitchen island? Now more than ever our Kitchen Designers are creating even more storage space within our clients’ islands. For example, we usually advise microwave storage, beverage refrigerator, dishwasher, and drawers if the size of our client’s kitchen island allows it! Leaving our clients with more cabinet space throughout their entire kitchen.

Snack Storage

Objectively one of the most important types of storage in the kitchen is the snack drawer or a kitchen pantry! Our Kitchen Designers offer tons of options for how to conveniently store food. Pull out drawers in your pantry or cabinets are a great option for convenience, just give them a quick pull and you can see everything your kitchen has to offer.

Got a storage idea we missed? Looking to amplify the storage in your kitchen? Tag us in your pictures (@emilysinteriorsinc). You can find more kitchen storage options on our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz pages.   

Designing this Newton, MA first floor remodel and addition was a dream, and the finished product came out better than we could have ever envisioned! Our clients came to us with a request to redesign their kitchen, upgrade their bathroom, expand their living room, and add an addition to the home. We also included a custom cabinet built in for the back entrance of the home for storing coats and shoes. The newly added space also doubled as an in-home office in these uncertain times. Check out the details of this project below.


Prior to our team designing the space, the first floor of this Newton home needed an upgrade. The area was dark and underutilized. We collaborated with our clients and created a design that would include an open floor plan where the family could relax, entertain, and take full advantage of all the space.


The newly added addition is the perfect place for the family to relax. It is also our client’s dog’s favorite lookout spot. The area also doubles as our client’s temporary office space, it is the perfect place to get work done.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen remodel includes beautiful bronze finishes and a Whitehaven apron sink. The custom island offers additional seating and plenty of counter space as well as a convenient microwave storage unit. The kitchen cabinets are Medallion Goldline and finished in Maple Dusk Classic which goes perfectly with the silver subway tile and willow white quartz island countertop.

Bathroom Remodel

The freshly remodeled bathroom is the perfect spa like oasis for our clients. The space includes oil rubbed bronze fixtures and the bathroom vanity matches the kitchen cabinets in Medallion Goldline Dusk. We also can’t forget to mention that shower tile and the dual shower head.

Living Room Remodel

The original design of the living area was underutilized, our team proposed a design that removed the existing wall within the space and now it has an open concept with beautiful crown molding surrounding. Now that the wall is gone, the space is bright and inviting.

And that is the full tour! We hope you enjoyed this design/build! For more projects like this one, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz!

Here at Emily’s Interiors, we always have something exciting going on. As you know, Emily’s Interiors designs and sells cabinets. Today, we officially announced that we have become a Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry distributor! We now offer three cabinet lines and Plain & Fancy is the first one that is completely custom. Want to learn more about this cabinet line? Here are a few facts about our newest partner:

About Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

Plain & Fancy is a family-owned cabinet company that was founded in 1968. They celebrated 50 years in business in 2018! The company prides itself on its completely customizable cabinetry, which is finished by hand, one by one! Colors, textures, and various materials result in an infinite collection of finishes!

Custom Cabinetry

From traditional to modern, these cabinets are made especially for you and your home. Think of your cabinet as a blank canvas, sanding is the first and most important step. Every component of the cabinet is meticulously sanded by hand and prepared for finish. Through hand craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, Plain & Fancy then creates a finish, and each cabinet is finished individually, to ensure a durable and beautiful end result. To create a custom cabinet that lasts, Plain & Fancy installs soft close doors and drawers as well as functional storage like lazy susans, dividers, pullouts, and waste baskets.


Imagine your cabinetry with the latest interior conveniences. LED lighting brightens any task, while rollout shelves, pantry solutions and multiple corner options bring everything into reach. Accessibility has never looked so good!


Every cabinet is individually wrapped and receives a final quality check. To ensure safe and on-time delivery, Plain & Fancy uses its own trucks and drivers.

How Do I Get Plain & Fancy Cabinets Customized for My Home?

We are so glad you asked! Visit our Design Studio at 779 Hartford Turnpike in Shrewsbury, MA and our Kitchen Designers will discuss your Kitchen remodeling dreams, create your space in 3D, get your approval and get those cabinets ordered and installed, it’s that easy! Here is an example of a Kitchen we recently designed using Plain & Fancy Cabinets – we can’t wait to show you the end result! Looking for more information on our Plain & Fancy cabinet line? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, LinkedIn & Pinterest!

We are so excited to start off the new year with a recently completed first floor remodel! This Berlin, MA remodel includes an updated open floor plan with a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and bedroom upgrade. Our clients asked us to design this remodel as if Joanna Gaines threw up on it (LOL). We believe we achieved their vision! Check out the details of this project below!


Prior to our team designing/building the space, the first floor of this Berlin home needed a makeover. The area was dark and underutilized. We collaborated with our clients and created a design that would include an open floor plan where the family could relax, entertain, and really expand and take advantage of all the space.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen remodel includes vibrant stainless-steel finishes and a Whitehaven apron sink. The custom island offers tons of seating and plenty of counter space.  The kitchen cabinets are Medallion Gold and finished in Knotty Alder, cappuccino, which goes perfectly with the ice white subway tile. All the walls in the Kitchen, Dining, Bedroom & Hallway are Alabaster White by Sherwin Williams.

Living Room

To continue the farmhouse design, the walls in the living area, nook and TV received prefinished shiplap boards in a bright white. The shiplap is just enough where you do not need a ton of wall décor. The inviting space also features stained pine beams which ties the entire room together. 


This farmhouse style bathroom has an ice white ceramic subway tile that is currently featured on every episode of HGTV. The walls are painted in Metroplitan Grey by Benjamin Moore.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom includes a 2-panel barn door outside the master closet with plenty of shelving within for tons of storage. Our clients asked us to keep the exposed brick in their bedroom and whitewash it to stick with the farmhouse design.

And that is the full tour! We hope you enjoyed this farmhouse design! For more projects like this one, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz!