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DIY Beginners

If you’re just staring out in the world of DIY or simply testing the waters to gauge if its right for you, our E-design package is the perfect fit. This package offers a detailed room design that allows you to put the physical pieces in place. Great for taking control of your time and your budget, our E-design package gets your design gears rolling and ready for the road ahead.

Intermediate and Expert DIY Designers

At one point or another, we all hit an artists or designers block. Here’s where our Inspiration package comes in handy. We have full faith at this level you’ve fashioned a list of places to find designer steals. We just help with the big picture, including mood board creation and key color concepts. With your experience and our inspiration, consider your design block averted.

Kitchen and Bath Projects

Our favorite part of helping DIY designers is bringing their vision to life. Maybe you’ve completed living room or bedroom projects in the past, possibly even built decor yourself. As for kitchen and bath renovations, the task can sometimes be intimidating. Good news is we have an array of cabinetry and bath silhouettes waiting to be customized for your very own design. We even deliver your selections across the U.S. wherever your project may be.

Flooring and More

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Time for some shopping with Emily’s Interiors! There are so many places to shop and options to choose from when looking for furniture for your home. We’ve decided to start with sharing our favorite end tables.  Our top 10 end tables are broken out in either “Under $200” and “Over $200” categories.  At the end of this article, we have helpful advice as to what size your tables should be based on your couch or chair.  We hope you enjoy!

Under $200

A simple 3 leg walnut end table is the perfect complement to a Mid Century Modern Living Room. It also comes in a version with a Carrera marble top with walnut or white oak legs.


Price: $199

Industrial Farmhouse more your style? This wood and metal table from Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Collection available on will surely fit the bill. With over 3k reviews and 4 ½ stars, I’d say this is a popular option!


Price: $178.99 (on sale)

Another highly reviewed Industrial Farmhouse table available on Wayfair is from Greyleigh Shop. Having almost 5k reviews and average 4.6 stars, I think you can purchase this one with little worry.  There are several options for wood finishes including, but not limited to, Barnwood, Driftwood and Dark Walnut. The best part, the price is for TWO, yes TWO end tables. That’s a pretty dang good deal if you ask me!


Price Point: $132.75 for set (on sale)

It’s not often you can find an end table for less than $100 but look no further than the Hollier End Table available on Birch Lane made of metal and weather fir. At only $97 and 4.4 stars (732 reviews) you won’t be disappointed in this score. Perfect for a screened in porch!

Source: Birch Lane

Price Point: $97

You thought we’d only have one table less than $100, well, guess again! This cute gold and glass table is from Target and only $75.99 and that isn’t even the sale price!


Price: $75.99

Over $200

While the next 5 are over $200, we didn’t go crazy because who has a thousand dollars to spend on end tables?

The Tana Stool from Article is made from Teak and can work as either a table or stool…even outside! This would work perfectly in a boho and California cool vibe. If used outside, the “Tana’s teak will develop a beautiful silver patina over time, and small cracks will appear in line with the wood’s natural grain. These cracks are perfectly normal and bring a delicate wabi-sabi to the Tana’s strong design.” Ok so I am not going to lie, I had to look up “wabi-sabi” and here is what the internet said “In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” I love that.


Price Point: $279

I am totally digging the Ephratah 2 Piece Nesting Tables from Brayden studio available on  These nesting tables are made from reclaimed Elmwood in a lovely pattern with metal legs. Nesting tables are a great option if you are tight on space. Keep them together on a day to day basis and pull out the bottom table when guests come over for additional surface for drinks and apps.

Source: Wayfair

Price Point: On sale for $266.99 for TWO

The next table comes from a local small shop close to Emily’s Interiors but they have a website so anyone can order this adorable side table! Those turned legs and that beautiful distressed finish would work great in a Farmhouse or Cottage home.


Price Point: $239

Want to bring in a sense of nature? How about the Natural Tree Stump Side Table from West Elm? Made from naturally fallen cypress trees, each solid-wood table is one of a kind.

Source: West Elm

Price Point: $239 (on sale)

A sleek option from West Elm is the Streamline Side Table made of solid mango wood in a Dark Walnut finish. Best part? The mango wood used is sustainably sourced from trees that no longer produce fruit! That’s a win win! Also comes with dark legs.

A picture containing table, furniture

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Source: West Elm

Price Point: $223 (on sale)

We hope this list of end tables has been helpful! There a plenty of great options for under a $200 price point and even more in the $200-$300 range.

Before buying your end table, ensure it is the right dimensions for your couch or chair.  Wayfair actually offers a helpful guide and I’ve included their guidance below:


End tables should be within two inches of a sofa’s arm height. For example, if the sofa’s arm is 22″ tall, a proper end table can be anywhere from 20″ – 24″ tall. Can’t find the right end table height for your room? Go shorter rather than taller for a more comfortable experience.


The average width of an end table is between 16″ – 22″. When deciding on a side table, be sure yours has a surface wide enough to hold any desired items, like books, plants, or lamps. Additionally, leave a few inches between the end table and sofa.


The ideal depth of an end table is equal to the depth of the sofa or chair it’s placed next to. It should not exceed the sofa’s depth.


The bottom of a lampshade shouldn’t fall higher than eye level when you’re seated on the sofa or chair that’s placed next to the lamp

Need help shopping for furniture and décor? One of Emily’s Interiors’ Designers can shop with you anywhere you’d like (if you are local) or put together a shopping list for folks outside of the area. Check out our services at