Hosting for the holidays? Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it’s time to set the table, with decorations of course! With Emily’s Interiors Design Packages, festiveness is right at your fingertips. Let our designers spruce up your home before it’s too late!

Finding Inspiration

Need a boost in holiday spirit to get started? You won’t fall short of ideas with Emily’s Interiors Inspiration Package! From decorative wreaths to table settings, you’ll be able to DIY your own Thanksgiving home decor or shop for styles at your local stores. In need of even more inspiration? Check out our Instagram page!

Thanks For The Refresh

Want a more comprehensive design to prepare your house for guests until the new year? Have one of our certified designers tour the space you want to save, or shop with a pro to instantly refresh your room. We’ll bring together the best blankets and furnishings for you to cozy up with through the winter weather.  

Treat Your Home With a Total Makeover

Whether creating an open concept more inviting to guests, or redesigning your kitchen for better functionality, consider a total makeover. It can be a gift to yourself, from yourself, for future holidays to come. An open concept for Thanksgiving means more entertaining and less missing out on the fun while cooking food. 

Even if it’s too soon to take on a kitchen redesign, it’s never too late to refurnish your rooms. With Emily’s Interiors Total Makeover Package, you can do just that; update your design style while tailoring finds and functionality to your family’s needs. 

Thanksgiving Here or There

No matter near or far, Emily’s Interiors offers in-home consultations or virtual E-design packages, bringing the holidays to you wherever home may be. E-design is great for tackling home projects at your own pace given a detailed room design perfect for your preferences.  

If you need a helping hand this Thanksgiving, Emily’s Interiors has you covered for all your design needs, every holiday and every season.

Share your design project needs with us and be sure to follow our social media for more holiday hacks and inspiration!      

Recently, Emily’s Interiors released all new design packages for the home lover and decorator in all of us. Now all it takes to get started is a lot easier and closer than you think. No matter your space, style, or budget, our design packages are suitable for anyone and everyone. We’re here to answer all your questions, who can benefit from interior design packages, to how we create lasting relationships in your home.

Who would want an interior design package?

The answer is anyone! Any homeowner or apartment dweller in need of a quick update for their space can find their rescue in an interior design package. Maybe there’s just no time to keep searching on Pinterest trying to pinpoint your ideal bedroom while working full-time and manning the house. That’s why we do all the legwork for you by collecting inspiration personalized to you and your unique style. Not only can interior design services be perfect for you, but they’re a great gift to others! Stuck on a housewarming gift? Give them the gift of good design. Need a new nursery? What better way to welcome a son/daughter than with a beautiful bedroom!No matter near or far, Emily’s Interiors can design for any space, anywhere.

Why are interior design services a good investment?

Interior design services save you time and money, whereas bad design is more costly to fix and results in more money spent. Designing or decorating your space with a professional is the best way to bring your style to life! Even if you don’t know where to start but want to implement the design yourself, our design packages are perfect no matter your skills and/or design needs!    

How do we create lasting relationships?

We get to know every client we work with! We start by reviewing your design questionnaire, giving us a sense of who you are and your favorite design styles! Your perfect design is important to us, so even after you receive your first design, we throw in a round of revisions to nail your style on its head. 

Our connection to and understanding of our clients help us create lasting impressions within the home. After choosing a design package, whether shopping with a designer or rehabbing your home, you’ll have a space you can cherish for years to come. So why wait? Make your home your own with the help of Emily’s Interiors Design Packages!

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Kitchen in need of an update? We’re here to help! In our previous post we talked about the updates your space could use to get ready for the fall season, but why stop there? Today we sat down with Interior Designer, Erica, and asked her favorite cabinet styles and colors to share with clients who are looking to conquer their kitchen.

Her Go-To Brands

Pikes Peak Textured Melamine

“My first go to is the DesignCraft brand! Their full overlay style is very sleek and modern, making it perfect for anyone looking to achieve a “clean” look. Another incredible modern option by DesignCraft is Pike’s Peak textured melamine; it’s gorgeous in person and a great vanity style! As for door styles, I love the Eaton in colored thermofoil and the Bella door in a Wenge veneer. The best way to describe the Bella door Wenge veneer combination is very luxe looking, but even then, there are so many exotic veneers to choose from it’s hard to pick a favorite!

In Medallion Gold line, you can also achieve a similar modern look by choosing a Bella door in quartersawn oak. In terms of weight, the Bella quartersawn is a heavier, substantial door but especially easy to keep clean as a full slab. I recommend this style to any client looking for an easy maintenance kitchen! For a less modern, more classic taste, the Dana Pointe and Park Place flat panel doors also in Gold line are my personal favorites. They’re beautiful and deliver a classic, timeless look that will survive changing tastes over the life of a kitchen.

Popular Client Styles

Park Place in Maple Sea Salt Classic

The most popular cabinet styles clients are consistently drawn to are in Medallion’s Silver line. They recently added two new door styles – Jackson and Walton – that I’ve been recommending to everyone. Both are a great transitional choice because of their upgraded, elegant shaker style doors and clean lines. These door styles outlast all design trends, and when it’s time for a change, replacing accessories and hardware are perfect, easy ways to keep the kitchen updated.

As for colors, white isn’t going anywhere! Out of Medallion’s recently launched whites, my favorite is Sea Salt, which is a nice, crisp white that looks amazing with any backsplash or countertop. In terms of pairing colors, duo toned kitchens are still very much in style, so if someone wants to incorporate color or a wood texture, I recommend doing the island in a fun finish! Blues are big right now, and we have so many great choices – Celeste, Gale, Dusk etc – but for me, I just love a gray kitchen, light or dark!”

Here to Help!

Let us know your favorite design styles and color combinations or stop by our showroom to find what speaks to you! We love helping clients make selections that are best for them and their home, it’s what we do!

As the leaves change, maybe it’s time your space changes a little too! To all the DIY lovers out there or homeowners who just want to get their foot in the door, we’re here to help save your money and your space. We’ve crafted a list of minor updates for your home that will be sure to have guests impressed!

Keep It Light and Bright

In today’s market, homeowners strive to find or create an open concept home. Good news is, anyone can make their space feel more open without taking out a wall! By keeping furnishings and decor light and bright, your home will instantly feel bigger. In a small space, avoid large, dark furniture items that could crowd the space. Replacing large items with multiple moderate to small chairs and tables will create a sense of greater space. If you have already mastered the trick of decorating small spaces with small furnishings but your room still feels suffocating, try your hand at upholstering! Don’t be afraid of a pop of color, but definitely keep in mind, light fabrics and walls can make a big impact in a small room!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Here’s a fun designer tip you may not have known: Placing a mirror opposite a light source i.e. a window or fixture, reflects the same light back into the space making it feel that much bigger! Mirrors can make a big statement in any formal room and can also be a fun conversation piece!

Hardware is At The Heart of The Home

We’ve all heard the saying, “the kitchen is the heart of the home,” so why not treat it as such? Replacing old hardware is just the trick you need to update your kitchen. With a variety of options to choose from, your wallet won’t be too upset if you decide to update your hardware again a few years from now. We won’t judge you for keeping your kitchen trendy. Just don’t forget about the hardware in your bathroom too!

Add an Accent to Your Wall

Tired of all the walls looking the same? Just want a fun feature aside from your decor? An accent wall is the way to go! There are so many affordable and stylish wallpapers that are both easy to install and remove. By far, adding wallpaper to your space is the easiest no brainer! You’ll have a designer room with a cost you’ll love.

Be sure to share your home before and after pictures with us, and let us know what homeowner questions you have to be featured in our next blog!

This summer has been one for the books! Not only did we welcome a new interior designer to our team, but we also added an interior design and marketing intern. In anticipation of summer’s end and school beginning, we wanted to finally share her story and experience at Emily’s Interiors.

Kassie is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and a minor in Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia. She began her internship this June, diving into the world of interior design and social media marketing for the first time as a rising college sophomore. Since starting at Emily’s, she has continued to show her passion for design and driven spirit as she embarks on her exciting journey.

Here are a few things about Kassie and her experience that have helped pave a path for her future ahead.  

How Did College Prepare You For This Internship?

“Freshman year of college taught me a lot about having a solid work ethic. For a long time, I knew I wanted to be a designer despite not having the rendering skills or any drawing abilities whatsoever. I graduated high school from the Advanced Math and Science Academy in Marlborough, MA, which as the name implies, could not be more different from art and design. My world and education changed completely at SCAD. Instead of typical general education classes, my schedule consisted of 2.5 or 5.5 hour drawing and design studios. Ten tutoring appointments later, I survived freshman year and made Dean’s list every quarter. The moral of my story: I learned to never give up on my dream and that any art or design field is almost always subjective to the person you are designing for. Understanding who you are designing for and for what purpose is the recipe for success.”     

One of Kassie’s Final Projects – She scaled & drew this piece!

What are some of the things you have learned since working at Emily’s interiors?

“One of the first things I learned was how to render spaces in 3D in Chief Architect. Each day, I learn more about what the program can do, and it’s very fulfilling to have come into my internship without any rendering experience and leave with more knowledge than I imagined. I also learned the process of selections across multiple client projects. When it comes to material selections for a design, there is no substitute for being present and delivering the best guidance to align with the client’s vision/style.”

What Did You Enjoy Most About Your Internship?

“Overall, having the opportunity to experience different trades that go into making a company successful, is invaluable. I was able to explore my passion for photography, research and learn how and where to market for the best results, and assist in various design projects from start to finish, across each trade. I am thankful to have learned as much as I did.”  

Has Your Internship Prepared You for Sophomore Year and Beyond?

“I would say that interning at Emily’s Interiors answered a lot of questions I never knew I had about interior design and the design/build process. I’m definitely more prepared to be inquisitive and transparent as I continue my learning both in and out of school. As for 3D rendering, I’m always improving and can’t wait for more training videos as I explore different programs this upcoming year.”

Interested in an internship with Emily’s Interiors? Contact us today! Also, be sure to follow along on our blog and social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to learn more about our team and new upcoming design services!

You asked, we are here to answer! Lead Designer, Mike pulled together some frequently asked questions from clients. Have a question we missed? Let us know! We are happy to share all the facts about Emily’s Interiors, Interior Design services, cabinetry sales and more.

The Emily’s Interiors Team

Question: Do I need to hire a licensed architect for my remodel?

Answer: In most cases, no. At Emily’s interiors, we can self-perform the drawings needed to complete many remodeling projects, big or small. We have the capability in house to do any and all drawings required for additions, new construction, and renovations including kitchen, bath, and basement remodeling projects. That’s not to say we aren’t open to collaborating with architects if needed, we have been a part of many successful collaborations with local architects on projects as well.  The best advice I can give is to meet with the builder first, to decide whether bringing an architect on board will be necessary for your particular project.

Question: I’m a homeowner looking to re-do my kitchen. I know you sell kitchen cabinetry along with design services related to the cabinetry, can you please tell me a little more about your process and how it sets you apart from other companies?

Answer: We always take the time to design the entire space where the cabinets will be installed in 3D. With our 3D design software, we can accurately show what the room will look like once the cabinetry is installed, complete with your existing décor, colors, and finishes. We also take the time to draw out all of the cabinetry schematically, with our detailed cabinetry engineering drawings. These drawings really get into every single detail of every cabinet, and are invaluable to the installers that are putting everything in place. We try to answer all of the potential questions during the design process so that it minimizes questions or issues during the installation.

Question: I’m a Builder/Remodeler, can I buy cabinets from you? How can Emily’s Interiors help me?

Answer: Absolutely, you can purchase cabinets and building materials directly from us. We offer a discount program on cabinets and building materials for industry professionals. Additionally, we’d be happy to help you with our design services as well. Using the 3D designs and 2D schematic drawings described previously, we can help you walk your clients through the design process and help you help your customers bring their visions to life! We also have on staff interior designers, who can help you and your clients with material selections, colors, furniture, and décor.

Question: What do you sell besides cabinetry?

Answer: In addition to cabinetry, we sell prefinished hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, and cabinet hardware. We can also help out with selections through our preferred vendors for tile, stone, plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc.

Lexi at The Queen’s Cups in Worcester, MA

We are so excited to add another interior designer to our team this summer and share her story with you!

Lexi is the newest addition to our Design Team with a unique skillset of her own. From a young age, Lexi was an avid designer, and when it came to college, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology before pursuing her certification in interior design at Mass Bay community college. With all her facets, Lexi excels at Emily’s through her humble connection to clients and understanding both their styles and intended home vibes.

Here are a few things about Lexi that describe her design journey and her destinations for great design deals.

What inspired you to become an interior designer?

“My love for design started when I was a young girl. I was constantly rearranging furniture in my bedroom and even my parents living room. For me, it was all about seeing a vision come to life and conveying a mood. It was about seeing that first piece that inspired a whole design and finding more pieces to complete the look. I don’t have a singular inspiration, but I think that design starts with seeing something you fall in love with and fostering that feeling throughout selections.”   

How would you describe your design style?

“I would consider my personal style to be coastal farmhouse/rustic farmhouse. My goal in life is to be cozy at all times, and to me, those styles resonate the most and feel the most inviting. I want to design my own home to reflect comfort with lots of blankets and an overall welcoming appeal to family and friends when they visit.

When designing for a client, I love when our styles are similar, but ultimately, the goal is to help them choose the best selections for their personal style. If a client loves a neutral palette or has a certain style in mind, I’m very open and receptive to what they envision for their space. I love seeing great designs come together, whether they are coastal farmhouse or modern chic.”

Where are your favorite places to shop when trying to save money on furnishings?

“Outlet stores and your local HomeGoods, TJMaxx, HomeSense, are great places to save money. Personally, Crompton Collective has consistently been one of my favorite places to shop. I always encourage visiting local antique shops because you never know what you’ll find, and they tend to have great buys! I like to incorporate new pieces and pair them with antiques like candle holders or unique lighting fixtures to create emphasis and personality in a space.

I would also say that Target and Walmart have really improved their furniture and décor selections and have become a great place to shop on a budget. I’m a bargain shopper myself, and I don’t think that design/décor has to be expensive to look good.”

What do you enjoy most about being a designer?

“I love seeing a room come together and seeing the homeowner’s reaction to the design and décor we chose. It’s really fulfilling to see all the pieces in the space. There’s such a big difference between seeing a rendering on a screen and actually experiencing and being able to interact with the design in real life. It brings a tangible aspect to the design you just can’t get from 3D.

The whole experience of being a designer, from start to finish, is something incredible. In every part of the process I’m doing something I love, whether it’s shopping, interacting with clients, or revealing the space, they’re all things I enjoy about being a designer.”

Do you have any tips for designing on a budget?

“Have a budget in mind and know whether or not the budget is fixed or if there is room to splurge. There are going to be staple items you want to spend more on like a couch or a rug, but there are other pieces such as side lamps where you can save money and make up for spending more on bigger items.”

Any advice for getting into the field?

“Get certified! Interior design is a difficult field to get into, and I’m thankful for meeting Erica at Mass Bay, as she introduced me to Emily’s Interiors, and here I am now four years later, pursuing my dream job. There is so much that goes into interior design, it isn’t just about matching colors. You want to be able to give your clients the best design possible. In my time at Emily’s so far, Mike and Erica have been books of knowledge, and I’m so grateful to be able to learn from them. They’ve helped me grown into the designer I am now.”

Be sure to follow along on our blog and social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram) to learn more about Lexi and to see some of her latest Interior Design Projects! You can also find Lexi on Confessions of a Design-aholic, blogging more of her designer experiences!

Emily’s Interiors Lead Designer, Mike

Recently you saw a glimpse into our team of designers with Erica’s introduction. Today, I had the chance to interview Emily’s Interiors Lead Designer Mike, he let me know how he started designing and gives advice for those who are interested in getting into the field.

As a Lead Designer, you’ll see Mike quite frequently. Whether he’s conducting your home measure, presenting proposed design solutions, or walking you through the selections process, he is the jack of all trades at Emily’s.

Through the entire design process, Mike and Erica work in conjunction with one another, designing to their strengths and building off one another’s ideas.   

Here are a few things about Mike including his expertise, advice, and food for thought when preparing for a remodel.

How did you start designing?

“When I was a freshman in high school, I took an elective class called ‘intro to drafting and design.’  Come to find out, I really enjoyed it, and I realized I wanted to pursue a career where I would use that same skillset. From freshman year of high school to freshman year of college, my mind didn’t falter, and I graduated with a degree in Architectural and Building Technology from the New England Institute of Technology. Since starting at Emily’s Interiors in 2015, I have become fond of the team and enjoy working with both colleagues and clients.

My favorite part of the whole process is seeing the client’s reaction at the end of a large install/renovation. Its not only a testament to all the hard work poured into the project, but it’s also the best confirmation that I was able to help bring their vision to life, and that makes it all worth it.”

What are your favorite projects to design?

“Additions are what I look forward to designing the most. Having to figure out the math and structures is very cool and intriguing to me. When designing additions, determining the roof line connections give me more opportunity to work on the actual architectural pieces of the project, which I enjoy.

On the flip side, I would say one of the more difficult spaces to design is a kitchen. In a kitchen design, the main focus is always the cabinets. There are so many factors that go into a cabinet design including the production and installation processes that require the cabinets to be very carefully engineered and planned out. I try to analyze every aspect of the layout and solve any potential problems on paper, before they become actual problems in the field”

Any advice as to prepping for a remodel?

“I would say to anyone looking to remodel, be prepared for the experience. Whether it’s a Do-It-Yourself experience or a first-time experience with a remodeling company, both require an investment of time. In the end, that investment of time and work is worth it for the result of the space transformation.”

Any advice for someone getting in the industry?

“The best way to start is to get a job in the field as early as you can. The more experience you have, the more you learn about what suits you and your interests best. You learn so much in the field, and there is no substitute for real life experience.”

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We’ve all heard the saying “A happy wife is a happy life,” but have you ever thought about “A Happy Home is a Happy Homebody?”

You don’t have to be a homebody to understand the latter reference. In fact, you don’t even have to spend a lot of time in your home to conclude that if your home is happy, you will feel happy too. 

This concept stems from research surrounding wellness focused interior design. Wellness focused interior design taps into our character, attitude, and beliefs – through deliberate spaces that stimulate our emotional state of mind.

Researching and achieving wellness is at the heart of numerous professions, be it healthcare, education, and even business management. Take Google for example; one of the reasons Google is so successful as a company is because of the wellness programs and resources available at the disposal of their employees.

Now, interior designers are exploring this same concept of wellness and maximizing the positive impact and energy transferred from the built environment – your home – to you – the home body.

Features such as air quality, ergonomics – the study of one’s efficiency in their environment, – and daylight access have been proven to have a substantial effect in determining the wellness of a space.

Here is how the Interior Designers at Emily’s Interiors implement wellness into their designs! You should try these too:

#1 Going Green

Quite literally. Bringing greenery as seen in the outdoors into your indoor living spaces instantly yields wellness benefits. Orchids and aloe vera plants have been some of the greatest promoters of wellness in interior design due to their ability to take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen even at night – as opposed to other succulents that perform best during the day. Not only do indoor plants improve the air quality and humidity within your space, they can even reduce stress levels, making your home a stress-free sanctuary.

#2 Lighting is Everything

Light has the ability to work for or against our natural circadian rhythms. And while exposure to natural light can directly aid our circadian rhythm – contributing to greater productivity and steady energy in the afternoons – it is lacking in homes. In this circumstance, certain artificial light such as soft, diffused light has been designed in such a way to stimulate relaxation thus improving one’s wellness.

Blue light is also a great wellness contributor though in moderation. As seen in LED’s and electronics – blue light – can increase work productivity when installed in an office setting, however is not suitable for the bedroom due to its interference with our natural circadian rhythm.

#3 Al Natural

In terms of materials and colors. Incorporating materials such as wood and stone into your home transform a space into its mirrored outdoor setting allowing for a comforting and relaxing experience.

As for choosing colors, a neutral color palette yields the greatest amount of serenity. Different colors stimulate different emotions, however, blues and greens tend to be the most cooling and calming whilst darker colors such as black and red are more powerful and provide a punch. Research aside, the emotions colors induce are determined by you. However a color makes you feel, tap into those emotions and use said color(s) to tailor your home to you.

#4 Zen Space

Finally, designate a space to escape. While open concept can be aesthetically pleasing and allow for uninterrupted sightlines, there is no privacy. And since mental wellness is an integral part of what wellness in interior design aims to achieve, there exists a need for privacy. You need a space to leave all commotion behind. A space that serves this specific purpose and houses your means to transcend into a wellness state – be it through reading, meditating, etc.

Now these are just a few of the many possibilities on how to make your home well. Have other way you implement wellness in your home? Let us know!

It’s about time that we finally introduce our amazing Design Team at Emily’s Interiors. First, we had the chance to sit down with Erica, who has been designing at Emily’s Interiors for over a year now. Most likely, you’ve “liked” some of her work on our Facebook and/or Instagram page.

Here are a few things about Erica, her expertise and some of her quick and easy Interior Design tips.

How Did You Start Designing?

“From a young age, I always had an interest in design. My dad used to joke that my room was a museum. I’m probably the only 6-year-old who had custom made curtains. After a decade of working as a graphic designer and art director, I had the opportunity to work at a small, local interior design firm. After realizing that I’m constantly the “go-to” person for questions about colors and furniture from family and friends, my first role as a design assistant was a good fit. I was so excited to eventually find my way to Emily’s Interiors. Working here has been an incredible experience. I Iove our team, and the clients have been amazing!”

What are your favorite colors for your projects right now?

“I am such a grey girl. Every room looks great grey, because there are a multitude of undertones. A single grey can go from warm to cool depending on the sunlight and time of day. I’m also a big fan of the recent greige (grey and beige) trend. It’s a perfect color for transitional clients who are looking to modernize from traditional furnishings. My whole house is universal grey by Glidden – it’s a color chameleon. And I love deep, inky blues – one of my favorites is Polo Blue by Benjamin Moore.”

What Are Some of Your Favorite Interiors Design Styles/Trends?

“I don’t have a set signature style. I like and appreciate all trends. My job is to help our clients discover and elevate their own personal style. When clients show me photos of rooms that inspire them, I try to find a common thread that ties their images together to understand what they love about the image.”

Erica’s Interior Design Work

Any Tips for Easy Home Upgrades?

“Molding! Flat molding is a quick, inexpensive way to transform the most boring of rooms. An oversized grid pattern can instantly give a plain room some architectural interest. I recently did this in my own home and the project took only a weekend to finish. Wallpaper can also really enhance a room, and there are so many beautiful, modern options on the market.”

Advice for prepping for an Interior Design Project?

“Be sure to do your homework and take the time to hire the right team. You want someone who has a process and will partner with you. Also, when working with a designer make sure to have a cache of images that inspire you, but it’s important to remain open to what will work for your specific space.”

Be sure to follow along on our blog and social media channels to learn more about Erica and to see some of her latest Interior Design projects!