We know we say this about all of our designs, but this Sudbury, MA Kitchen/Bathroom/Exterior Design was one for the books. Our design team really nailed it and then the build team came in to execute and finish the job. Our design team was there every step of the way to make sure that everything was exactly how the design portrayed it. Now, our client’s get to enjoy their design/build for many years to come. Let’s dive in to this newly remodeled home.

A Cook’s Dream

This Kitchen is a work of art. Our clients were hoping to have a space that was beautiful, functional and ideal for cooking meals and spending time making memories with one another. The kitchen cabinets are Medallion Cabinetry gold line, the surrounding cabinets are finished in Irish Creme Classic and the Kitchen Island is called Seagrass. The granite countertop is called Antique White, which was selected from Stone, Inc.

Some standouts in this gorgeous kitchen are the double oven, perfect sized desk for working at home, and a HUGE cabinet build-in pantry.

Bright White Bathroom

This master bathroom is perfect for our clients. The bathroom vanity cabinets are Medallion Cabinetry Gold, finished in Maple Sea Salt Classic and that tall cabinet you see, has a secret pull-out hamper, perfect for hiding that dirty laundry. The granite countertop and backsplash are called “black pearl,” the tile in the shower and on the floor is called “palace stone,” all selected from Stone, Inc.

Patio Party

It doesn’t get much better than this patio, especially this time of the year in New England. Our favorite part? The underside of the roof which are Versatex Canvas T&G panels in the color “Walnut.” It is the perfect place to have a cup of coffee, hang out with family or for entertaining.

We are so thrilled that our clients are loving their new space and we hope that they make memories here for many years!

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If there’s one collection that never seems to stop growing, it’s a book collection. From childhood paperbacks to decorative coffee table books, finding functional and stylish ways to organize your collection can almost seem impossible. And while it’s tempting to store books on any available surface, your collection can easily turn into a disorganized mess of precariously leaning stacks. To help you achieve the home library of your dreams and elevate your interior design, we reached out to experts from Beaverton, OR to New York, NY for their best book organization ideas to give your collection the attention it deserves. 

1) Organize your books based on the function of a room

Books not only are beautiful (and provide your guests with a real peek inside of your true interests and passions) but they are filled with useful information when organized thoughtfully throughout your home, room by room. 

Cookbooks lining the dining room or kitchen, cocktail books stacked artfully next to the bottles on the bar cart, and reference titles lined up neatly next to the WFH desk are the best places to start. Then, get creative: a windowsill of bird books looking at the feeder, memoirs of famous musicians butted up against the record player, a thoughtful shelf of your all-time favorites in the guest room. And don’t forget the all-important TBR stack on your nightstand. – Jackie De Leo, VP, Book Store, Barnes & Noble

2) Remove book jackets to focus the attention on the authenticity of the book and elevate your space

A simple way to add a natural and organic look to your book collection is to remove the jackets of your hardbacks. This trick helps shed the distracting marketing graphics of the jackets and brings focus to the authenticity of the book, the title, and the author. You are left with a display that is chic and elevated. – Via D’sa Interior Design

3) Consider making the top shelf of your bookcase your personal shrine of your favorite or current reads

When you think about Marie Kondo and books, you might gasp in horror at the misconception that you should “ideally keep less than 30 books” – but that’s not the case here. In “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up,” one directive is, “make the top shelf of the bookcase your personal shrine,” which is exactly what I’ve been doing ever since I read Kondo’s book. The top shelf is where I have some of my favorites, and one of the great things about this shelf is that it constantly changes – whenever I move, buy new books, or even just tidy and reorganize. Most importantly, it’s a shelf I can look at and interact with, knowing that it brings me joy. – Beaverton City Library

4) Use books to breathe new life into your living room 

It’s well known that books make for great decor. Stack a couple of books on your coffee table with a cute decor piece on top or on a shelf with a picture frame. This is a great way to add varying heights to coffee tables and shelves. – House Becomes Home Interiors

If you’re a coffee table book junkie and are running out of tables to stack them on, don’t worry. You can place a large stack of books beside a low armchair to serve as a drink table. Add a cute coaster and you’re all set. – The Mansion Interiors

5) Create a balanced design on your bookshelves by incorporating different heights and decor pieces

Many people have shelves of books and others have a smaller collection. Don’t feel the need to shelve all of your books from highest to lowest. Turn some of the books flat and add a small decor item on top of the small stack. Create different vignettes of these across and up your shelves. Be sure to intersperse larger decor pieces in between for a balanced yet varied look. – Organized by L

I love to see an interesting book spine on display that compliments the one above or below and the colors in the room. Start with the largest book as a base and stack about four or five high. If there is a less popular book, I would keep that towards the bottom of the pile. It’s also a lovely way to create a plinth for decorations and candles. – TO Interior Design

6) Kitchen built-ins are a great way to display your cookbooks while keeping aesthetics and functionality in mind

Cookbooks on kitchen shelving always work well and it is nice to break up the books with bowls, plants, or greenery to add organic shapes. – Centaur Interiors

Some of our favorite types of books are cookbooks. Our kitchen designers love incorporating custom built-ins that are not only beautiful but functional. With a designated spot for cookbooks, there is more room for meal prep and entertaining. – Emily’s Interiors

7) Use books with a neutral color scheme to double as decor 

I use books as pedestals to showcase beautiful objects and create varied heights in displays or on shelves. Larger books can also be stacked to create an interesting side table or plant stand. I look for neutral colors and sturdy binding, with titles that help to tell a story of someone’s life and their dreams for the future. If a book doesn’t fit into a particular style or desired look, it is simple enough to turn it around or layer it towards the bottom. – Kahler Slater

8) If functionality is your main goal, organize your books by genre

When organizing books in your home, group them together. Keep your mysteries together, your action and adventures, your cookbooks, and so on. Plus only keep the books you love and know you’ll read again. Organizing by subject and genre makes it easy to find the right book for your current mood, so you’ll know exactly where to look when you need to follow a hero’s journey or want a good laugh after a rough day. – The Lifestylers Group

9) Instead of tossing out books you no longer want, find a creative way to repurpose them

One way to repurpose a hardcover book is by gluing the pages, then cutting out the center. The book then becomes a place to hide your jewelry or other valuable belongings and remains in your bookcase. – Interiors by Monique

If you have books to spare that you are ready to discard, use them to enhance your decor instead. Turning the books around so that only the guts or pages show gives any shelf a stunning monochromatic look that will add texture and sophistication to any decor. – Iron Orchid Designs

10) Open up your books to add a unique and fresh element to your interior design

One of our favorite ways to use books when we’re styling is to open them up. We always use beautiful coffee books for layering and stacking, but opening them is like having a horizontal piece of art. Find a book with a topic or hobby you love and put it on your coffee table, entry table, or office desk. The best part is that you can change the page for a fresh new look whenever you feel like it. – Black Ink Interiors

11) Use books as a grounding element to style your shelves, etagere, or even a credenza

Pick two to three books of similar size and color palette to create a platform to elevate a bud vase or other small accessories. The variation in the heights of your objects will make your shelf look effortlessly styled. – Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors

12) Have a theme in mind when deciding where and how to display your books

The first thing to consider when displaying books is your relationship with the books and the setting in which they will be placed. If you’re an avid reader and have a plethora of books to display in a library, they can be a mix of colors, but try to keep something consistent like their height or their condition. Relocate the books that are too tall or short – or too new or old – in relation to the others. Conversely,  if you’re using books specifically for aesthetics, choose neutral color tones to create a blended, subtle look, which works well on bookshelves. You can also display a couple of books that have a pop of contrasting color on a cocktail table for some drama. – YAMINI DESIGNS, LLC

13) Your display should showcase your personality and be conversation-worthy

I love stacking different books of interest on shelves and surfaces like coffee and console tables. Select books that reflect your interests and personality, and tell a story about who you are. Whether the books are about plants, fashion, sneakers, or travel, make sure the books are pleasing to the eye, stacked by size and color, and conversation-worthy. – Blessed Little Bungalow

14) Bookends are a great way to add a more styled look to bookshelves

If you need the whole width of a shelf for your books, adding in bookends is a great way to make it look more styled. I like to keep the top shelves a bit smaller and keep all of my shorter paperbacks on these upper shelves. This uniformity and above-eye level placement keep you from focusing on this area too much.  – Sarah Montgomery Design

15) Use books to elevate and bring attention to your favorite “relics” 

Books provide a visual anchor for smaller objects you are looking to showcase within your décor. Aim for a mix of fonts, colors, and textures that are roughly the same dimensions to create a visually appealing stack that compliments your most prized possessions.  – Relic Design LLC

Originally published by Redfin

Are you living in your first home but realize that your family might grow out of one day? You can make it even homier all while adding value to it. Selling your home is never easy, but it sure does become easier when your home has the latest updates and the best designs by Emily’s Interiors.

Update Your Cabinets

With updated cabinets, your home is sure to please any potential buyers. Refaced kitchen cabinets are a perfect solution for kitchen cabinet doors that are worn or outdated when the cabinet structures are still in working order. Refacing is a quick and affordable option to update the style of your kitchen, whether you are planning on selling your home or plan on using your current home long term. Here at Emily’s Interiors, we have a large variety of cabinet door colors and styles to choose from, and you can check them out at our showrooms before making any decisions.

Add Layers of Lighting

Layers of light throughout the house create the perfect mood for the rooms along with adding brighter spaces that will show off your favorite parts of your home. When eventually selling your home, light will attract the buyers since it makes the house feel more like a home rather than a dark den. The addition of lighting above your kitchen counters make it easier to cook and it makes your kitchen illuminate.

Lighten Up the Color Scheme

Making your kitchen have neutral colors and whites will keep your kitchen looking fresh and new for years. Though kitchen designs are always evolving, many home buyers are looking for kitchens that are light colored and inviting


 Make Your Dreams Come to Life

Did you even know that it was possible to have a fish tank built into your kitchen? With Emily’s Interiors, anything is possible!  While we helped the client bring their dreams to life, we also helped them add value to their home. Read more about this project here: https://emilysinteriorsinc.com/kitchen-trends-that-never-go-out-of-style/

Thinking of Having More Storage in Your Kitchen?

If you start talking about storage, you have to check out this latest project! We can’t wait to show you what we manage to squeeze into this kitchen! Check out one of our latest kitchen designs and read more about how we helped out client optimize their space here: https://emilysinteriorsinc.com/keeping-it-fresh-in-the-kitchen/

Here at Emily’s Interiors, we are here to help! Whether you are looking to sell your home or make the best of where you live now, we can redesign any room and instantly add value to your home. Want to learn more about what we can do for you? Contact us today!

Do you feel like your kitchen is in need of a makeover? We’ve got you covered!

Recently, Emily’s Interiors completed a full kitchen design/remodel in Framingham, MA. This remodel turned an old and outdated kitchen into one with unlimited storage options and one that’s perfect for hosting. This remodel even included an office space for our client!

This remodel comes with a light and airy feel that makes this kitchen the perfect place to hangout and spend time with family and friends.

The new kitchen has a gorgeous multipurpose island that is used for eating, cooking & storage. The island has a built in oven and multiple large drawers perfect for storing kitchen appliances and smaller drawers at the top perfect for storing utensils.

The kitchen has high quality cabinetry that is durable and will last forever. The hanging lights above the island perfectly illuminate the space all while being subtle and never getting in the way. Other lighting in the kitchen shows off the kitchen’s beautiful backsplash and gives you extra light for when you’re using the counters to cook.

Along with that, the built in office space leaves our client with the perfect place to focus on work all while never being too far from cooking the perfect meal. Above the office space is a wine rack, which is perfect for those long work from home days and conveniently located for when our client is hosting parties since it’s right near the kitchen island. Who wouldn’t want to work from home in their kitchen?

All in all, this full kitchen design freshened up our client’s space and brought it back to life. We are so happy to have been able to build their dream kitchen, and we’d love to build yours too! Thinking of re-designing your kitchen? Contact us today! https://emilysinteriorsinc.com/

Here are some ways to renovate your current space or to inspire your future home. If you’re looking to customize your spare room or planning ahead for a more personalized home, you’ve come to the right place. 

Before you start making changes to that extra room, consider these unique features that can set your house apart and keep your family together.

1. Office

Staging a home office is great for storing work supplies in a singular space. Instead of filling kitchen counters with unnecessary items, designate a room for your unique needs. Whether that includes customized storage for files or a materials station, building around how you work and what you work with is essential to optimizing a home office.

2. Home Library

No matter how many books you have, displaying your collection creates an incredible feature within the home. Decorated with furniture or a cozy window seat, a home library can be a calming escape from everyday responsibilities. Your book storage could even be a small portion of an overall zen spot to veg out. 

3. Entertainment Room

An entertainment room is a no brainer for a space with large square footage. Tailoring the space to however you live, work, and play can create the ultimate destination for a fun night in. Whether adorned with a pool table, a dartboard, or the addition of a wet bar, entertainment spaces truly bring life into the home.

4. Gym/Workout Studio

Want a little more privacy when working out that a gym can’t quite provide? Converting a spare room or basement to a workout studio allows you to personalize the equipment and surroundings the way you’ve always envisioned your exercise experience to be. From the natural light of the outdoors to the convenience of accessibility, you’ll be sure to have a space you want to work out in. 

5. Home theater

Enjoy the excitement of the movies from your very own home. In the decade of technology and Disney+, a home theater lets you stream and play your favorite movies with front row comfortable seating and practically free popcorn. Home theaters are best experienced in a large sound and light controlled space, yielding the best quality video projection that the family will love.

To get started on your spare room design today, give us a call. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest and stay tuned for more updates on home design ideas.