Emily’s is the exclusive US dealer of Foster Appliances – construction with tailored care for every detail and finish.


Kitchen sinks are manufactured with the best AISI304 stainless steel, to ensure the maximum quality to their customers.

Foster Appliances Kitchen Sinks


Foster offers a collection of kitchen mixer taps which is complete and diversified both in aesthetics and in functional features.

Foster Appliances Faucets


Foster offers a complete range of accessories for the functionality of the washing area.

Foster Appliances - Accessories

Gas Cooktops

Foster offers a collection of kitchen gas cooktops which is complete and diversified both in aesthetics and in functional features with austenitic stainless steel AISI304 which, thanks to their high percentage of chrome and nickel, endows our gas cooktops with great brilliance, solidity and total resistance to rust and corrosion. Foster gas cooktops are equipped with high-efficiency burners that ensure 20% to 25% savings in gas consumption compared to traditional hobs.

Foster Appliances - Gas Cooktops

Induction Cooktops

Foster induction cooktops are made of glass ceramic and offer different built-in solutions that allow flush-mount or standard built-in installation depending on the machining of the worktop. Our induction cooktops stand out for their great versatility, precise and timely temperature control.

Foster Appliances - Induction Cooktops


The ranges unit reinterpreted by Foster: our traditional great attention to detail in the steel craftsmanship is highlighted in the inclined knobs’ panel, in the large and yet elegant knobs and in the sturdy, professional-looking structure.

Foster Appliances - Ranges
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