30+ Small Modern Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Following are 30 modern luxury bathroom designs perfect for small spaces, combining style and practicality to make your bathroom look and feel bigger and more luxurious.

Small modern luxury bathroom Design Tips And Tricks

1. Maximize Vertical Space

To make the most of your limited square footage, focus on vertical storage. Wall-mounted fixtures, such as vanities and toilets, free up floor space, making the room appear larger. Tall, slim cabinets can be used for storing towels and toiletries without overcrowding the area.

2. Incorporate Luxurious Materials

No element says luxury quite like high-end materials. Consider marble countertops or custom-cut mirrors. Opt for high-quality tiles in a herringbone or chevron pattern to add depth and character to your walls. These materials not only look beautiful but are also durable and timeless.

3. Smart Lighting Solutions

Good lighting is crucial in a small space. Integrated LED lighting can be installed along the edges of the ceiling or under vanity units to create a soft glow that enlarges the space. Mirrors placed strategically opposite windows amplify natural light, enhancing the airy feel of the bathroom.

4. High-Tech Features

Modernize your bathroom with technology. Install smart showers with customizable settings for temperature and water flow, heated floors for those cold mornings, or high-tech toilets with hygiene features like self-cleaning. These additions bring a sense of sophistication and functionality to any small bathroom.

5. Color Schemes and Textures

Choose a monochrome color palette or bold textures to make a statement. Light colors make the room feel larger, while dark hues add depth and create an atmosphere of luxury. Textured wallpapers or tiles can add interest without taking up physical space.

6. Space-Saving Fixtures

Select fixtures that are specifically designed for small spaces. Compact bathtubs or corner sinks are excellent for maximizing usability without sacrificing style. Multifunctional units that combine storage with utility are particularly useful in limited spaces.

7. Open Shower Concepts

Embrace an open shower design to enhance the sense of space. Frameless glass partitions make the bathroom appear larger while maintaining an upscale feel. Linear drains are both effective and visually minimalistic, complementing a modern aesthetic.

Tips for Implementation

Planning is key. Work with a designer who understands your vision and can suggest practical solutions within your budget. Discuss your timeline and expectations upfront to ensure a smooth renovation process.


Small bathrooms don’t have to compromise on luxury. With innovative designs and modern technology, you can create a space that is both functional and luxurious. These ideas are just the beginning—every small space holds potential for greatness.

Ready to transform your small bathroom into a modern luxury space? Contact Emily’s Interior Inc. today for expert guidance and personalized design services. Let us help you maximize your space with style!

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