Where to Save Money on Your Interior Design Project: Shop Local

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Everyone wants to save money how ever they can, especially for home improvement projects. When all’s said and done with a remodel, there’s still a need to make the new space feel complete. This means working with an interior designer to find the right decor and furniture pieces to complement the existing color scheme and design features of your remodeled rooms.


So what’s the number one way to save money on your interior design project?


Shop local.

When shopping local for design products, you don’t have to wait for them to be shipped to you. But there’s more to it than just supporting your local businesses. It really will cost you less in the long run.


When you’re accessorizing a space, the design budget can run out quickly. But there are plenty of deals, and even free stuff, out there that will fit right into your space. Coordinating colors and styles is very important in design. Sometimes, for just a few bucks here and there, you can find just be a piece or two that will fit perfectly in your space.


Check local classified ads, such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

It’s incredible how often you can find greatly discounted or even free design pieces locally. You may need a friend to pick things up, but it’s worth it. Sometimes your interior design or contractor will get a piece for you if it’s worth it. You can even save on material costs if your remodeling project is still underway – as free materials are actually quite common.


Of course, shopping local can take more legwork. But if you ask your interior designer or contractor, it’s very likely that they know a place or two that have great deals on design pieces. Also, not only does it feel good to support local artisans, thrift shops, and the like, but it saves you money while also supporting your community.


Shopping online has its drawbacks.

While shopping online can seem to be very fun and convenient, there are two major drawbacks. One that we mentioned already is shipping. The second is finding that when the item arrives, it’s not what you really wanted. There’s also always the chance you receive the wrong product or that (and this does unfortunately happen) the product goes missing along the way.


When you shop online for design products, you’re often paying for the convenience, as well as covering middleman costs and other expenses for the seller. So, again, while you may think you’re getting a great deal, paying a similar price or even a bit more for a local product is actually worth it. You’re more likely to get a higher-quality product locally, and since you see it in person, you know that it’s what you want.

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