From Plain To Practical – Converting Your Spare Room to a Space You’ll Love

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Here are some ways to renovate your current space or to inspire your future home. If you’re looking to customize your spare room or planning ahead for a more personalized home, you’ve come to the right place. 

Before you start making changes to that extra room, consider these unique features that can set your house apart and keep your family together.

1. Office

Staging a home office is great for storing work supplies in a singular space. Instead of filling kitchen counters with unnecessary items, designate a room for your unique needs. Whether that includes customized storage for files or a materials station, building around how you work and what you work with is essential to optimizing a home office.

2. Home Library

No matter how many books you have, displaying your collection creates an incredible feature within the home. Decorated with furniture or a cozy window seat, a home library can be a calming escape from everyday responsibilities. Your book storage could even be a small portion of an overall zen spot to veg out. 

3. Entertainment Room

An entertainment room is a no brainer for a space with large square footage. Tailoring the space to however you live, work, and play can create the ultimate destination for a fun night in. Whether adorned with a pool table, a dartboard, or the addition of a wet bar, entertainment spaces truly bring life into the home.

4. Gym/Workout Studio

Want a little more privacy when working out that a gym can’t quite provide? Converting a spare room or basement to a workout studio allows you to personalize the equipment and surroundings the way you’ve always envisioned your exercise experience to be. From the natural light of the outdoors to the convenience of accessibility, you’ll be sure to have a space you want to work out in. 

5. Home theater

Enjoy the excitement of the movies from your very own home. In the decade of technology and Disney+, a home theater lets you stream and play your favorite movies with front row comfortable seating and practically free popcorn. Home theaters are best experienced in a large sound and light controlled space, yielding the best quality video projection that the family will love.

To get started on your spare room design today, give us a call. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest and stay tuned for more updates on home design ideas.

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